Space Management

CFP can help your institution make sure that physical assets are being properly managed and utilized. Many institutions manage their human and fiscal resources but tend to neglect the equally valuable asset: SPACE. CFP can provide a long term perspective on your institution’s space with respect to its development, use, and management. Space can be managed to ensure effective and efficient utilization, as well as fair allocation and reallocation based on measured need. Our services include:

  • Campus-wide database review, verification and updating of the space inventory, including creation of a space inventory if none exists
  • Analysis of space utilization and space needs by department, college, or other organizational level
  • Review or development of space use and allocation procedures, sensitive to the local environment as well as to any state policies.
  • Development of campus-wide space planning guidelines
  • Classroom utilization and condition studies
  • Capital planning procedures and priority setting


Space Management Clients:

Armstrong Atlantic State University
Auburn University
California State University Monterey Bay
Cleveland State University
Denison University
Indiana State University
Loyola University
Northern Kentucky University
Pennsylvania State University
Rutgers University
Shippensburg University
University of West Florida
Youngstown State University