Space Needs Assessment

CFP has the expertise and experience to assess space needs for all types of academic, administrative and auxiliary facilities on your campus. Our services include…  ( read more )

Space Inventory

An accurate and current space inventory supports effective space management and planning. CFP has developed a comprehensive process for the review and verification…  ( read more )

Utilization Analysis

A utilization study assists in determining if your institution has the right mix of instructional spaces to support the preferred teaching and learning modalities… ( read more )

Facilities Programming

Programming is a critical step in the process of designing a new or renovated facility.  A good program defines the problem to be solved, analyzes existing and projected data… ( read more )

Campus Planning

CFP partners with a variety of planning and architectural firms to document current campus conditions, identify space planning assumptions for a campus master plan… ( read more )

Space Management

CFP can help your institution ensure the physical assets are being properly managed and utilized. Many institutions manage their human and fiscal resources… ( read more )