Jack F. Probasco

Jack has 40 years of planning, management, and statistical analysis experience. His higher education planning experience in combination with his in-depth knowledge of space formulas and factors, have contributed to the development of the space guidelines used by the firm to accurately assess the space needs for institutions ranging from large research universities to small community colleges. Jack has considerable experience in benchmarking, enrollment planning, and programming. Prior to forming CFP, he was senior facilities planner with The Ohio State University. Jack was responsible for the preparation of eight capital plans and over one hundred programs of requirements for athletic, instructional, library, research and medical facilities. Prior to Ohio State, he was employed by the Ohio Board of Regents and was responsible for the capital planning process for the public institutions in Ohio. While at the Regents, Jack authored the “Space Planning Guidelines” for use by the public institutions of higher education in Ohio. Jack has published extensively on such subjects as space planning guidelines, building condition audits, capital planning, and facilities programming and has made over 30 presentations for such organizations as SCUP, APPA and CEFPI. Mr. Probasco has also held positions as senior systems analyst for the Ohio Department of Finance (Office of Budget & Management) and as an economic statistician for the federal government.